Small Time Heroes

Clash of the Titans

“Our top story tonight. Disaster in Alaska claims the lives of several young supers involved in the Wards program. Details are still limited but it appears that during a rescue training exercise on an offshore oil rig Behemoth attacked. Local PRT and heroes were able to evacuate the majority of the students and works.”

“This is the first sighting of Behemoth this year and only the fourth time the monster has been seen in US coastal waters. We would like to take this time to remind viewers of the steps to take if a Class S threat is declared.”

(A short PSA is shown. In it citizens are instructed were to evacuate to and where shelters can be found. Supers are encouraged to report to nearby PRT offices to offer aid during the threat. Three times there is a reminder played that help from all Supers will be accepted and any outstanding issues with villains will be ignored for the duration of the threat.)

“Following that tragic news our viewers might enjoy the following clip. This appears to be footage from a security camera that has quickly taken over the internet.”

(Poor quality footage for a giant size Bakers Dozen repeatedly failing to stab Clockwork while the automation ignores him and shoves cupcakes onto its face. Someone has added yakety saks for background music.)

“Hahaha that is hilarious. Doesn’t that big fellow look a bit like local super chef Bakers Dozen though?”


magicismylemur magicismylemur

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