Small Time Heroes

Dinosaur attacks Rain City

Excerpts from news coverage
These pieces of local news are captured by web crawlers that Feedback has running continuously, looking for keywords related to the group.

“Earlier this afternoon a dinosaur was filmed rampaging on a Queen Anne street in Rain City. Two killed and seven injured as nearby storefronts were demolished during the confrontation with a group of local vigilantes.

Malus Domestica, who you all may remember from his shocking news footage last year (cuts to a clip of security footage from a coffee shop where Malus is seen shooting a monkey as patrons flee.) Appears to have been involved in the incident along with Bakers Dozen, a well-known local chef, Al, best known for his winning costume design at last year’s Harvest Festival, and Feedback, a provider of high end electronics to the local super community.

(Selected clips from the fight with the T-Rex are shown displaying each super and highlighting the damage done to nearby buildings.)

Unfortunately these supers were unable to comment having disappeared once authorities arrived at the scene. Also disappearing, the T-Rex which has now been identified as a projected minion of the youngest super in Rain City to trigger publicly."

News cast continues with bland information about the welfare of the now orphaned boy and what the local Wards team is doing to ease his transition.


Oh come on! I dont think he would shoot a monkey in a coffee shop full of civilians!

Collateral damage waiting to happen!

Also, monkey>Trex any day

Dinosaur attacks Rain City

Anytime this clip is brought up Malus will only respond by yelling “That was out of context!” Nothing more will be said about this incident.

Dinosaur attacks Rain City
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