Small Time Heroes

Presidential candidate debate

“Good evening viewers, our top story tonight. President Rhino sweeps today’s presidential candidate debates. Despite the controversy over his health care reform act, the so called Rhinocare, President Rhino remains a crowd favorite. Running for reelection on a strong independent platform of aggressive foreign policy in light of continued anxiety over terrorist.”

(A clip of the candidate debates is shown where President Rhino charges and bowls over his democratic and republican challengers to thunderous applause from the crowd.)

“It appears he will continue to charge forward with changes if reelected.”

“In local news. Rain Cities own hero team, the Seabirds, confronted Doctor Jellyfish downtown. Two city blocks near the convention center were locked down for two by PRT roadblocks as the fighting took place. Doctor Jellyfish was finally subdued thanks to the intervention of Skeleton Man.”

(A highlight of the fight is shown where Skeleton Man knocks out Doctor Jellyfish with one punch as Mad Hatter stands nearby with a look of deep concentration on his face.)

“Call him crazy or call him brave, you have to admit that Skeleton Man has a real knack for showing up supers when he makes an appearance.”

“In other news. Four Rain City officers were injured responding to a call about a shooting at local business. Names are being withheld due to ongoing investigations but one man was arrested at the scene.”

(A brief clip of a man in a black military style uniform with tactical gear being shoved into a police cruiser.)

“The four officers are resting in satisfactory condition.”

Feedback’s web crawler flags a bunch of posts on Superwatch. It appears that a local forum post has blown up on the site with conspiracy theories and “eyewitness” reports of a much larger altercation between local police, a group of unidentified mercenaries, and some minor local supers in the parking lot of GenetiCo.

Early the next morning the news updates with a brief blurb that the shooter who injured several local officers died of an apparent heart-attack while in custody.


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