Small Time Heroes

Psycho Monkey Rampage or...

Nude lady wrestling gives Bakers that burning feeling

Excerpts from news coverage

“…leading up to the shocking events today at GenetiCo. While police are still investigating the unknown Super behind the monkeys involved in the attack, at least one culprit is in custody of the PRT and awaiting trial.

CausChick, as blogs have been referring to her, was subdued by local heroes Bakers Dozen, Feedback, Malus Domestica, and Al. She is also a suspect in brutal killing of local attorney Davis Gravy. While speculation abounds, police refuse to comment on any link to last month’s attack by armed gunmen on the GenetiCo campus, which left four officers injured and three of the assailants dead.

In an outspoken display Malus Domestica was filmed at the location of the attack attempting to call out the perpetrators behind it."

The anchor cuts to a clips of Malus standing atop the body of a large silverback gorilla. As Malus starts shouting about killing monkeys the broadcast is interrupted by a flicker of static before resolving into a dark close up shot a paper crafted monkey mask.

“People of Rain City fear me! My reign of terror has only started to fall upon this wretched hive of scum and villainy. Its waters will wash away the masks the shadow government hides behind and expose the evils perpetrated by the corporate overlords that manipulate our destiny.

The Apple of Newton may have stopped my attack on GenetiCo but he shall learn that there is far more monkeys in heaven and earth than dreamed of in his nightmares. You may have captured CausChick but she shall taste the sweet air of freedom soon.

We are coming for her… Then we are coming for you."

The camera pulls back at this last bit showing a short man in a suit and papercraft monkey mask, to his left stands Ed covered in dimly glinting copper and towering on his right Clockwork’s dome shows gears and springs slowly spinning.


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