Small Time Heroes

Sometimes ED makes things hard.

“… Seismograph says he discovered the bunker while walking around downtown to clear his head. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks as light is finally shed on a 60 year old mystery.” Camera pans back as the anchor woman turns to her co-anchor. “Hard to believe that those rumors of Captain Atom disappearing into a doomsday cult could be true.”

“Yes, it is. Long way to fall for a World War Two hero.” Camera tightens in on co-anchor. “In local news, the police are on the hunt for an unknown Super after a confrontation leaves dozens of cars damaged and two officers injured. The confrontation took place in front of Gravy O’Defense, a law office viewers might recognize from the brutal murder of Denis Gravy at the hands of a different Super just days ago.”

“Police are seeking tips on the whereabouts of a white Toyota Camry, license plate AMD-376. According to witnesses the unknown Super was seen arriving at the scene in this vehicle and the vehicle was last seen fleeing the scene with local Supers Bakers Dozen and AL inside.”


magicismylemur magicismylemur

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