Small Time Heroes

"When I bend over don't do anything to my butt."

Well there goes my game session idea...

Excerpts from news coverage
Despite the constant flow of major news events Feedbacks automated crawls only return the following item.

“Today in fashion!” a quick spot intro with a catchy jingle plays. “A hip new hair style is sweeping the nation, after famous internet mogul Marcel Harlan is seen attending a tech conference in Rain City with a fresh new hairstyle. When asked Mr. Harlan said that highly exclusive and reclusive hairstylist for the stars Anders Lochman created the style for him. Called undercut tattoos Lochman has put his own twist with geometric shapes and random placement. Keep an eye out for imitators of this hot new style.”

Quick and dirty recap of information gleaned from previous games sessions.

  1. GenetiCo: a biotech company with classified government and military research projects was recently the victim of attempted espionage.
  2. the single perpetrator of the espionage taken into police custody suspiciously dies after being seen by his lawyer and his secretary.
  3. getting the VIN off the getaway van, found abandoned in an alley damaged by Clockwork, leads to a front company with ties to an underground psy-ops communications site.
  4. Denis Gravy, lawyer from point 2 above, is killed in front of the group by his secretary. She reveals herself as villain, CausChick, after shouting “I don’t have to put up with this anymore, the job is finished!”
  5. a scan of recent postings about new powered individuals reveals that Clockwork and CausChick only started being sighted three months ago.
  6. Malus recognizes a symbol on the psy-ops dark net site, from point 3 above, as similar to the mission patch for TENCAP – “Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities”


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