Barry Brown

"Bakers Dozen" Master 3, Tinker (Chemistry) 1


Updated Character sheet for e7

Bakers Dozen has the ability to create minions out of various dough-like substances. These minions have the knowledge and abilities of Bakers Dozen but at a lesser level.

When making clones first determine the substance they will be made out of. Exotic materials of a dough-like nature cost an additional MP to use. Types of dough normally used in baking can be employed without additional cost.

MP can also be spent to increase the abilities of the clone by adding 1d3x5 to each stat per MP spent.

The power use roll determines the level at which the each of the clones stats start according to the following table.

Roll outcome Base of Stats
Failure 10
Success 25
Hard Success 35
Extreme Success Equal to Original

Bakers Dozen owns a successful bake shop supplying various pastries and cakes to local businesses. Part of the success of his business is do his public identity as a superhero, specifically as one with the ability to create fantastic confectionaries beyond the scope of a normal baker.

Barry Brown

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