Glass Jaw

Super strength changer and part of Strike Team(tm)


Striker 6/Changer 1: Glass Jaw has the ability to transform into a mobile man shaped crystalline structure. This new form has incredible strength and built in melee weapons thanks to the many points and sharp edges of the form. Being made of crystal does not provide significant protection from damage for Glass Jaw though, hence the name the media christened him with. While transformed Glass Jaw using his Power Use skill for melee attacks and can use his body to do damage similar to a sword.

Glass Jaw has an asterisk STR.

Hero in good standing with local law enforcement and PRT
Current and known member of Strike Team™
Public Identity
Partnered with Meat Shield


A short and plain looking man Ethan Elman gains several feet and a proportionate frame when he transforms into Glass Jaw. Glass Jaw looks like a large man made of a slightly opaque glass or crystal, many of the places where the human form is rounded is instead a teardrop shape on Glass Jaw. This leaves sharp edges on his forearms, shins, fingers and toes.

Ethan was an amateur martial artist purely in it for fitness until his Trigger event. He now holds more than one master ranking in different martial art forms.

Glass Jaw

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