Urban legend and threat


A very large man, given to dress in a manor that aids him in escaping notice. He displays a nervous tick at times, especially when around large numbers of people or in dark, confined spaces.

Breaker 3, Brute 5, Striker 3(? under debate): Hunger can stretch his mouth to fit around nearly any object and has been seen consuming everything from flesh (both fresh and rotten), metal, glass and plastic. Whenever Hunger has ingested something and for a short time thereafter he starts regenerating at a rapid pace. This regeneration effect seems to decrease his intelligence as he becomes more obsessively fixated on consuming, preferring to go after living flesh.

Hunger has an asterisk STR and CON.

Hunger is a low priority Threat.
Secret identity protected by an unknown agency. The Archive denies any association with parahumans classified as threats.


Davi Sundar was always a hungry child. He grew up in a lower class family with many brothers and sisters. His trigger happened at a young age when an older brother locked him in the basement of their house and forgot about him. At first he was only scared of the dark, but then the voices started. They told him of all the awful things that would happen to him down there. Things sickening and terrible. After a day of this the hunger and the whispering in his mind became so great that he broke.

His size increased, his strength became incredible, and his hunger… his hunger became unbearable. It didn’t take him long to find out that he how could stomach anything; wood, metal, flesh, organic, inorganic, toxic or not. Everything could fit into his mouth and nothing would satisfy him. Only a gruesome scene was found at that home after that. Bites taken out of nearly every part of the house. Body parts and blood everywhere. Not enough was recovered to positively identify any of the family, but the poor little boy found hiding in the basement.

Since then Davi has grown larger and larger, and his skill at controlling his urges better. Now able to blend into society he could be hiding anywhere and is rumored to exists everywhere someone’s pet or relative goes missing.

Hunger is mainly known as an urban legend about the homeless disappearing and where animals go when they’re lost. The above story has appeared on online horror forms with no traceable source and has grown into a local campfire tale.


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