John Ruines 5th

"Feedback" Tinker 3 (electronics), Striker 1, Trump 1


Updated Character sheet for e7

Feedback has the ability to build up a large bioelectric charge in a short period of time and discharge it for a variety of effects. With minimal built up he can produce a taser like shock from his hands (see rulebook for taser stats, may apply stun to any bare handed combat attack or through any conductive melee weapon at will.)

Feedback also has an innate understanding of how electricity works, with which he creates advanced electronics. One of the devices that John almost always has on him is a suit with a pair of gloves that aid him in increasing the amount of electricity he can store and discharge in an attack.

With some effort Feedback through touch can:

  • Knock out targets instead of stun. (see lightning gun in rulebook for rules.)
  • Disrupt and temporarily disable the powers of others through touch. May be combined with stun or knock out. Targets make resistance roll (John’s powers use skill vs. the power linked stat of target.) powers disabled for 1D10 minutes.
  • Temporarily disable electronics.

These and other effects of a similar power level all require the expenditure of 1 magic point per use for combat type effects or 1 magic point per minute.


John Ruines the fifth primarily makes his living by designing electronics and programing a small amount of software. He takes a hardline approach to business with corporations and the government but will often sell or lease his devices and software to individuals for minimal cost. Much of his wealth is gained from working with the local super community modifying and upgrading cars with high-tech packages.

John spends most of his time in comfortable everyday clothes, the old jeans and t-shirt combo with suitable nerdy logos, but tends to overdress when going outside or meeting “officials”. A three-piece suit impeccably tailored is his choice for these occasions.

John Ruines 5th

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