Mad Hatter

Master 7, Thinker 3


The Mad Hatter appeared on the local hero scene with hardly a whisper. One day the Seabirds just showed up with a new member. He dresses flamboyantly in bright colors, reds and blues mostly always highlighted with black. Always with a matching vintage silk top hat with a card sticking out of its hatband.

His powers have been compared to a sense expanding drug trip and he is able to produce these effects in individuals over a distance of a couple of dozen feet. Often he uses his power to confuse and disorient opponents while other members of his team take them on directly.

Several questions remain for the public in regards to the Mad Hatter. Both where he came from and what his current goals are unclear. Speculation about his sexual orientation is rampant on the internet. Fueled by his manner of dress and unresolved due to his limited interaction with others. The few times the press has managed to get quotes and interviews with him has left many worried that the Mad Hatter might truly be mad.

Mad Hatter

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