Meat Shield

Amazing regenerator and part of Strike Team(tm)


Brute 9: Meat shield regenerates almost instantly for even near complete body destruction. Make a Power Use check at the start of each of Meat Shield’s turns, if successful Meat Shield regenerates 1d6 points of HP. Additionally his extreme constitution means that a successful CON check can negate the effects of poisons, toxins, diseases, and radiation that his body is exposed to. There is rumors that Meat Shield has regenerated from near complete body destruction on more than one occasion, but anyone claiming to have evidence of this has been unable to produce the evidence for substantiation.

Meat Shield has an asterisk CON.

Hero in good standing with local law enforcement and PRT
Current and known member of Strike Team™
Secret Identity protected by Archive
Partnered with Glass Jaw


Meat Shield is a husky looking man of slightly above average height. He goes in public in a black body costume with yellow hazard striping on the torso, arms, and legs. Internet commenters often take jabs at the unusual features of his costume. Namely glow in the dark patches on the back of the torso and head, and handles that are built into a backpack like frame so Glass Jaw can carry him from behind.

He carries a variety of useful objects and non-lethal weapons in a utility belt. Most famously a stun-gun that matches his costume.

Meat Shield

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