Skeleton Man

Crazy unpowered vigilante


Despite having zero powers Skeleton Man has a devilish knack for showing up at just the right time to show up super heroes. He appears to be a middle aged man, with the bit of beer gut that goes with that, wearing a full body spandex skeleton costume. Speculation is that he is a well moneyed man due to expense hiding high quality armor in his costume would entail, armor that he is known to having since he has survived encounters with bullets and super-strength punches.

When questioned Skeleton claims to have discovered that he was part-man, part-skeleton when he was exposed to x-rays as a boy. It is his assertion that this gives him all the powers of a skeleton and that he is a super hero. The news has frequently consulted with Thinkers and all have stated that Skeleton Man has no powers and is just a delusional individual who needs help.

Skeleton Man

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