Small Time Heroes

Psycho Monkey Rampage or...
Nude lady wrestling gives Bakers that burning feeling

Excerpts from news coverage

“…leading up to the shocking events today at GenetiCo. While police are still investigating the unknown Super behind the monkeys involved in the attack, at least one culprit is in custody of the PRT and awaiting trial.

CausChick, as blogs have been referring to her, was subdued by local heroes Bakers Dozen, Feedback, Malus Domestica, and Al. She is also a suspect in brutal killing of local attorney Davis Gravy. While speculation abounds, police refuse to comment on any link to last month’s attack by armed gunmen on the GenetiCo campus, which left four officers injured and three of the assailants dead.

In an outspoken display Malus Domestica was filmed at the location of the attack attempting to call out the perpetrators behind it."

The anchor cuts to a clips of Malus standing atop the body of a large silverback gorilla. As Malus starts shouting about killing monkeys the broadcast is interrupted by a flicker of static before resolving into a dark close up shot a paper crafted monkey mask.

“People of Rain City fear me! My reign of terror has only started to fall upon this wretched hive of scum and villainy. Its waters will wash away the masks the shadow government hides behind and expose the evils perpetrated by the corporate overlords that manipulate our destiny.

The Apple of Newton may have stopped my attack on GenetiCo but he shall learn that there is far more monkeys in heaven and earth than dreamed of in his nightmares. You may have captured CausChick but she shall taste the sweet air of freedom soon.

We are coming for her… Then we are coming for you."

The camera pulls back at this last bit showing a short man in a suit and papercraft monkey mask, to his left stands Ed covered in dimly glinting copper and towering on his right Clockwork’s dome shows gears and springs slowly spinning.

Like shooting monkeys in a barrel.

All of Feedbacks networked devices flash with an important message.

Priority Alert! Priority Alert!
Fire alarm at GenetiCo building
(GenetiCo address displays here)
Priority Alert! Priority Alert!

A bare minute later work is interrupted again.

Priority Alert! Priority Alert!
Explosion reported at GenetiCo building
(GenetiCo address displays here)
Priority Alert! Priority Alert!

Than a few minutes more pass before another alert.

Priority Alert! Priority Alert!
Superhuman attack reported at GenetiCo building
(GenetiCo address displays here)
Priority Alert! Priority Alert!

Sometimes ED makes things hard.

“… Seismograph says he discovered the bunker while walking around downtown to clear his head. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks as light is finally shed on a 60 year old mystery.” Camera pans back as the anchor woman turns to her co-anchor. “Hard to believe that those rumors of Captain Atom disappearing into a doomsday cult could be true.”

“Yes, it is. Long way to fall for a World War Two hero.” Camera tightens in on co-anchor. “In local news, the police are on the hunt for an unknown Super after a confrontation leaves dozens of cars damaged and two officers injured. The confrontation took place in front of Gravy O’Defense, a law office viewers might recognize from the brutal murder of Denis Gravy at the hands of a different Super just days ago.”

“Police are seeking tips on the whereabouts of a white Toyota Camry, license plate AMD-376. According to witnesses the unknown Super was seen arriving at the scene in this vehicle and the vehicle was last seen fleeing the scene with local Supers Bakers Dozen and AL inside.”

"When I bend over don't do anything to my butt."
Well there goes my game session idea...

Excerpts from news coverage
Despite the constant flow of major news events Feedbacks automated crawls only return the following item.

“Today in fashion!” a quick spot intro with a catchy jingle plays. “A hip new hair style is sweeping the nation, after famous internet mogul Marcel Harlan is seen attending a tech conference in Rain City with a fresh new hairstyle. When asked Mr. Harlan said that highly exclusive and reclusive hairstylist for the stars Anders Lochman created the style for him. Called undercut tattoos Lochman has put his own twist with geometric shapes and random placement. Keep an eye out for imitators of this hot new style.”

Quick and dirty recap of information gleaned from previous games sessions.

  1. GenetiCo: a biotech company with classified government and military research projects was recently the victim of attempted espionage.
  2. the single perpetrator of the espionage taken into police custody suspiciously dies after being seen by his lawyer and his secretary.
  3. getting the VIN off the getaway van, found abandoned in an alley damaged by Clockwork, leads to a front company with ties to an underground psy-ops communications site.
  4. Denis Gravy, lawyer from point 2 above, is killed in front of the group by his secretary. She reveals herself as villain, CausChick, after shouting “I don’t have to put up with this anymore, the job is finished!”
  5. a scan of recent postings about new powered individuals reveals that Clockwork and CausChick only started being sighted three months ago.
  6. Malus recognizes a symbol on the psy-ops dark net site, from point 3 above, as similar to the mission patch for TENCAP – “Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities”
Bad Acid Trip

“Local lawyer, Denis Gravy of Gravy O’Defense, was attacked and killed today. Witness reports during an altercation taking place in the parking lot in front of the Gravy O’Defense law offices an unnamed woman assaulted Denis with some sort of acid-based power.

Well-known local chef Bakers Dozen was identified on the scene fighting this new super. We must warn our viewers the following footage is very graphic, viewer discretion is advised."

(Poor quality cellphone footage of Bakers Dozen fighting a glistening translucent woman is shown. The footage ends just as the woman is blasted with water from a source out of frame but you can see parts of her breaking apart.)

“Authorities are hunting for the perpetrator and advise anyone with knowledge of this super to call the following tip line.”

“In other news police foiled an attempted bombing of downtown bank. In a strange twist security cameras captured footage of a monkey placing the bomb.”

(Jumpy gray tone security footage is shown. A small spider monkey quickly runs across a parking lot holding a large package. Higher quality footage of the police using a bomb disposal robot from behind a barricade is shown.)

“Lucky no one was hurt in this attempted bombing.”

Clash of the Titans

“Our top story tonight. Disaster in Alaska claims the lives of several young supers involved in the Wards program. Details are still limited but it appears that during a rescue training exercise on an offshore oil rig Behemoth attacked. Local PRT and heroes were able to evacuate the majority of the students and works.”

“This is the first sighting of Behemoth this year and only the fourth time the monster has been seen in US coastal waters. We would like to take this time to remind viewers of the steps to take if a Class S threat is declared.”

(A short PSA is shown. In it citizens are instructed were to evacuate to and where shelters can be found. Supers are encouraged to report to nearby PRT offices to offer aid during the threat. Three times there is a reminder played that help from all Supers will be accepted and any outstanding issues with villains will be ignored for the duration of the threat.)

“Following that tragic news our viewers might enjoy the following clip. This appears to be footage from a security camera that has quickly taken over the internet.”

(Poor quality footage for a giant size Bakers Dozen repeatedly failing to stab Clockwork while the automation ignores him and shoves cupcakes onto its face. Someone has added yakety saks for background music.)

“Hahaha that is hilarious. Doesn’t that big fellow look a bit like local super chef Bakers Dozen though?”

Presidential candidate debate

“Good evening viewers, our top story tonight. President Rhino sweeps today’s presidential candidate debates. Despite the controversy over his health care reform act, the so called Rhinocare, President Rhino remains a crowd favorite. Running for reelection on a strong independent platform of aggressive foreign policy in light of continued anxiety over terrorist.”

(A clip of the candidate debates is shown where President Rhino charges and bowls over his democratic and republican challengers to thunderous applause from the crowd.)

“It appears he will continue to charge forward with changes if reelected.”

“In local news. Rain Cities own hero team, the Seabirds, confronted Doctor Jellyfish downtown. Two city blocks near the convention center were locked down for two by PRT roadblocks as the fighting took place. Doctor Jellyfish was finally subdued thanks to the intervention of Skeleton Man.”

(A highlight of the fight is shown where Skeleton Man knocks out Doctor Jellyfish with one punch as Mad Hatter stands nearby with a look of deep concentration on his face.)

“Call him crazy or call him brave, you have to admit that Skeleton Man has a real knack for showing up supers when he makes an appearance.”

“In other news. Four Rain City officers were injured responding to a call about a shooting at local business. Names are being withheld due to ongoing investigations but one man was arrested at the scene.”

(A brief clip of a man in a black military style uniform with tactical gear being shoved into a police cruiser.)

“The four officers are resting in satisfactory condition.”

Feedback’s web crawler flags a bunch of posts on Superwatch. It appears that a local forum post has blown up on the site with conspiracy theories and “eyewitness” reports of a much larger altercation between local police, a group of unidentified mercenaries, and some minor local supers in the parking lot of GenetiCo.

Early the next morning the news updates with a brief blurb that the shooter who injured several local officers died of an apparent heart-attack while in custody.

Dinosaur attacks Rain City

Excerpts from news coverage
These pieces of local news are captured by web crawlers that Feedback has running continuously, looking for keywords related to the group.

“Earlier this afternoon a dinosaur was filmed rampaging on a Queen Anne street in Rain City. Two killed and seven injured as nearby storefronts were demolished during the confrontation with a group of local vigilantes.

Malus Domestica, who you all may remember from his shocking news footage last year (cuts to a clip of security footage from a coffee shop where Malus is seen shooting a monkey as patrons flee.) Appears to have been involved in the incident along with Bakers Dozen, a well-known local chef, Al, best known for his winning costume design at last year’s Harvest Festival, and Feedback, a provider of high end electronics to the local super community.

(Selected clips from the fight with the T-Rex are shown displaying each super and highlighting the damage done to nearby buildings.)

Unfortunately these supers were unable to comment having disappeared once authorities arrived at the scene. Also disappearing, the T-Rex which has now been identified as a projected minion of the youngest super in Rain City to trigger publicly."

News cast continues with bland information about the welfare of the now orphaned boy and what the local Wards team is doing to ease his transition.


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