The heroes have three means of transportation that they generally use.

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The first is a 2015 E350 step van, bought at a army surplus auction personally updated and enhanced mainly by JR5 or Feedback to look like a catering van. It houses a 305-hp 6.8-liter V-10 engine with dual 37-gallon gas tanks and an average of 12 mpg city / 16 mpg hwy.
Comfortably seats 2 in the front, and up to 4 in the back.

It houses a 8000 watt generator that can either be hooked up to an outside power such as a wall-plug, or power itself via gasoline for a maximum of 9 hours. It is also equipped with 360 degrees of camera cover. These are activated by motion sensing so that if the camera senses no movement, the image won’t be displayed or recorded because feedback has more important things to do then solely focus on camera feed.

The body itself is covered in a steel frame; it’s believed this van was designed as a covert military vehicle, but was no longer needed. The engine is a powerful V10 engine. In terms of pure power, it can push over most automobiles with ease, making it overall better than average.

[jim] – What is meant by “push over most automobiles”? Do you mean actually knock them over and out of the way?

[joel] – that is what Tyller put just left it there but think if it had to get through a a blockade should be able to to a point take it i would want to avoid that if possible

[tcb] yes Jim that’s the idea, obviously it’s not ideal but it’s more of a “we are about to die and the only thing in our way is another car, let’s push it out of the way”


A retired police car Crown Victoria was selected due to its high suspension, easy to replace parts, easy modification, and high track record. Somewhat comfortably seating 5, with plenty of trunk storage, several hidden compartments for gear, and even a small locker and safe in the trunk, it was selected with versatility in mind.

Along with the modifications made by the police over the years, it also has a few enhancements put together by Feedback such as: a Turbocharged engine for quick acceleration, nitrous engine for speedy straight-away get away, stronger than standard window glass to prevent normal people from breaking in, and enhanced-grip street tires for improved handling. This being a low profile automobile, it also has a switch that will change the plates from the registered “ANM0711” to a fictitious plate that is currently “AAC9345”.

In the event of being pursued, it also has (at the flip of a switch) caltrops, smoke screen, and a bright LED light bar on the trunk to obscure the vision of pursuers (at the price of being easy to spot). It also has tinted windows, for more privacy when changing into costume.

With excellent speed, maneuverability and handling, but only mid defense and next to no offensive capability, it is purely a getaway car.


The 2016 Ford f350 super duty crew cab, owned by Johnny Orchard, is a large Truck comfortably seating 6 with roughly 8 feet of truck bed: plenty of room for hauling most anything a person can carry.

It houses a 6.7L power stroke™ V8 turbo diesel engine, with massive amounts of horsepower and torque, able to tow up to 19,000 lbs, and handle rough terrain with the option for 4×4 driving.

With its steel frame, steel body and towing power, it can hit and be hit by other cars and continue moving; however, it is not an easy drive. Additionally, it lacks anything that can attack other cars, but makes up for this in durability.


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