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The Meta

  1. Give me a few words of how you’d like the game to feel.
[Andy] Fun, Adventure, and brains before brawn. Mostly I would everyone to feel like heroes when they get a job done.
[Tyller] puzzle solving, brain teasing fun the way call of cthulhu was meant to be with our heroic twist, along with incentives to explore the world and meet helpful people and find info
  1. Where should the focus of the gameplay be? i.e. combat, investigation, romance, missions, etc.
[Andy] I’d prefer less on combat and more on clever power use and figuring out who, and what you should be fighting against.
[Tyller]A very deep incentive for us NOT to fight, because we are not supper heroes we need to act like mortals, however accidents happen. We should also be given a mock battle when we start so we can figure out how to use our powers in combat
  1. What’s your favorite superhero property (comic, movie, cartoon, or book)?
[Andy] I listed a lot of stuff here but lately my favorite has been Hard Luck Hank. Look up the books there are great.
[Tyller] Punisher, totally irrelevant to how I wish to play as it would not be very fun killing everyone
  1. How serious, goofy, or just plain weird should the game be?
[Andy] Overall light hearted but with a helping of weird.
[Tyller] I kinda like serious, however I doubt that its going to happen because I cant even buckle down

The World

  1. How much of an explanation for how powers work would you like?
[Andy] I didn’t really want to think of one but I could.
[Tyller]Unless you make it into a conspiracy, of if the plot revolves around knowing that fact, it’s irrelevant. Think of it like evolution or bio anthropology. Ya, everyone knows the basics (or ignores it) but to get a deep rooted knowledge of it you must spend years of studying to know more. The same should apply to us because suppers have been around for so long. It’s just another part of life
  1. How much interaction with large organisations; government, corporate, hero, and villain, would you like?
[Andy] They should be out there but interaction with the group should be rare.
[Tyller] I like the idea of communicating with less evil groups and using them as pawns on greater evil groups.
  1. In a world with epic battles between good and evil, how black and white would you like your adversaires motivation?
[Andy] Mostly black and white.
[Tyller] motivation of the evil group is arguably better then the heroes, or heroes were working for the bad guys all along. However black and white also works

The Group

  1. What’s your groups name?
[Tyller] NTF5 (not that fantastic 5)
  1. How does the public see your group?
[Tyller] they dont, or if they do they think we are another group. Nice and quiet
  1. How does the group look?
[Tyller] group of odd balls that dont seemingly fit together (my thoughts so far)
  1. Do you have some sort of base?
[Tyller] Jims characters barbershop
  1. Do you have any sort of secure communications for the field?
[Tyller] Earpiece headset?

The Character

  1. How old were you when you gained your powers?
[Tyller]Figured he was born with it? discovered it at 7 or so
  1. What does your costume look like?
[Tyller] i have no idea, regular cloths?
  1. How does the public see your character?
[Tyller]He would prefer that they don’t, but as a PI perhaps?
  1. Where does your character fit on the charts for powers that the authorities use? Mover, Shaker, Brute and Breaker. Master, Tinker, Blaster and Thinker, Striker, Changer, Trump and Stranger.
[Tyller] Breaker/Mover I believe
[Andy] Reposted from the Powers page for clarification. Classifications
  1. Whats your alignment? Hero, villain, vigilante, unaligned? Threat is not allowed.
[Tyller] vigilante
  1. What motivates your character?
[Tyller] Leaving a mark and making the world a better place
  1. What sort of moral code do you follow?
[Tyller]The ends may or may not justify the means, but insuring a better and free world we must at least try and do the right thing before hand


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