Secret Identity

One of the greatest questions a new super must face is whether to have a secret identity or not. Many heroes, villains, and unaligned supers have taken a firm stance on both sides of this issue. However the political, social, and economic issues of this debate are beyond the scope of this campaign.

The practical side of the debate however is something we can talk about.

The police, PRT, and media follow a set of unwritten rules in regards to parahumans that are “in the closet.” Mostly the fear of reprisals and public shaming is enough to keep these organizations from prying into, or revealing a parahuman’s secret identity.

Some supers have turned to a variety of secretive businesses to aide them in keeping their secret identity safe. In the day of the internet any fool could possibly expose you if you don’t have your identity constantly monitored. The largest and most discrete of these businesses is the Archive.

Alternatively there are also teams of parahumans that work only protect the families of other supers with public identities.

Secret Identity

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