Super Rules

To fit into a super-powered comic book type feel a few additional changes to the basic rules of the game need to be made.

Hit Points and Recovery: Hit points will be used as covered in the basic rules of the game during a battle. To fit in with the miraculous ability of comic book characters to rebound from injury though at the end of combat any character who suffered Hit Point loss may make a CON check. Success on this check means that any injuries were “just a flesh wound” and all HP lost during the combat is recovered immediately. Failure indicates that a serious wound or wounds were inflicted on the character and HP recovery will be tracked as per the basic rules.

A note about unconsciousness that we may have missed in our earlier games:

Characters are rendered unconscious by one of four different ways:

  1. Characters at 2 hp or less are unconscious until hp is raised above 2.
  2. Taking more than 1/2 your hit points in a single blow requires a roll below your CON on 1D20 to remain conscious.
  3. Knock-out attacks require a resistance roll to prevent unconsciousness.
  4. Reducing your magic points to 0 renders you unconscious until one magic point is resorted. (in 24/POW hours)

Sanity and Recovery: While stress, shock, and horror might affect a superhero in the short term, this style of game is not about the slow grinding down of the characters resolve. Each night a SAN check may be attempted. Success means the character is able to rebound from the stress and horrors of the day and all Sanity losses from that day are recovered. Failure means the character is unable to come to terms with the events of the day and lost sanity will have to be recovered through the lengthy process of therapy and treatment and stress reduced by rest and relaxation.

Sanity is mainly going to be used for the temporary effects a sudden shock may cause. Ideally the characters shouldn’t be experiencing the sort of horrific events that would lead to a build up of debilitating psychoses.

Lost sanity recovers naturally at the same rate as hit points, 1D3 per game week. The Psychology skill can over time remove any psychoses the characters develop and improve sanity recover in the same manner as the Medicine skill does for hit points.

Super Stats: The character’s stats will be generated and used as normal with a minor exception. Super powered stats, like super strength or super genius intelligence, will be covered by merely adding an asterisk to the stat. This effectively creates two power levels of stats. Super powered stats are by definition beyond the realm of the normal so any stat with an asterisk will be comparable only to another stat with an asterisk. Things that would be blatantly impossible for a normal person become possible for the super powered.

Check marks and improving skills: Improving skills will be handled as per the basic rules with two notes.

  1. Due to the faster pace of a superpowered game check marks and skill improvement will be handled at the end of each game session. Allowing for possible rapid development of skills. This may be revised depending on how well it works for the game setting.

  2. Check marks will be awarded for skill use that advances or improves the story. This will be the only criteria used for check marks and may result in failed skill checks being rewarded. Player feedback on how much fun the story is will be critical in fair assignment of check marks.

Super Rules

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