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Rain City-
A large city and major port town on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Famed for both rainy skies, and expensive lattes. With international trade and several globe spanning business head quartered nearby Rain City has become a hotspot for superpowered heroes and villains.


For the upcoming campaign we will be converting to the 7th edition of CoC. This should take a minimal amount of work, but some adjustment of skills for the PCs will be necessary.

Champaign Rules:

Double Lives: the debate
Powers updated 01/06/16 to answer questions about definitions
Skills updated 12/27/15
Super Rules updated 12/27/15


Jack Orchard aka “Malus Domestica” updated 03/22/2017
Anders Lochman aka “Al” updated 03/22/2017
John Ruines 5th aka “Feedback” updated 03/22/2017
Barry Brown aka “Bakers Dozen” updated 03/22/2017, power crunchies added.

Team Assets
Please add details for any gear that the team uses.

Communication equipment


Heroes Villains Threats Others
Glass Jaw Doctor Jellyfish Hunger President Rhino
Mad Hatter Clockwork Skeleton Man
Meat Shield CausChick
ED Copper
Simian Simon

Helpful links:

Thanks for these useful rule summaries Jim

CoC rules summaries and house rules

Easy way to make characters
Jim’s CoC Character Generator – Version 1.3.8

Jim’s done an amazing job of making character generation easy to accomplish in a short amount of time.

Old News:

The Questionnaire

Questionnaire = failure
Please disregard.

Please fill out everything that you can. Put some thought into it. I’d like us all to get on the same page about the setting and your characters but most importantly about how the game should play out.


“Even Fire Hungers” Beta Test Successful

Revisions to a few rules to follow.

The beta test will be a chance to test out how the CoC rules work in a modern super-powered setting. I will be providing semi-pregen characters; I will provide a stat block, skill selection, and what powers the characters have. All other parts of the characters will be up to the players. These will not be the characters used once the champagne starts and the beta test will be at a higher power level. However the characters might show up as NPCs.

Small Time Heroes

magicismylemur tyllerboom joel_butenko jimmorte dartagnon_reid crysandrassy