Anders Lochman

"Al" Brute 3, Changer 1


Updated Character sheet for e7

Al can grow the keratin structures of his body at extreme speeds and to incredible lengths. His hair and nails can be made as short or long as desired and the texture and coloring can be change at will.

With a greater effort of will Al can:

  • Increase the strength and durability of these keratin bodies to super-human standards.
  • Gain a limited amount of “prehensile” like control of these structures allowing him to both make attacks and use them as exceptional tools.

These and other effects of a similar power level all require the expenditure of 1 magic point per use for combat type effects or 1 magic point per minute.

Average height and slight build, he bears no distinguishing features other than a constant “5 O’Clock shadow”. His hair is a light brown, and always slightly disheveled. Eyes are brown, and somewhat sunken back into the sockets. He walks with a purposeful gait, that is occasionally interrupted when he stumbles on a small stone or something catches the tip of his shoe.

He is a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of guy. However, some reason unknown even to himself, dull knives and scissors really piss him off!


Average looking Joe – slightly frail and clumsy

Anders Lochman

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