Doctor Jellyfish

Brute 6, Striker 2


Formerly a mild mannered marine biologist until one day James Johannsson climb naked into a tank filled with Irukandji jellyfish. Depressed and going through a bitter divorce Dr. Johannsson never suspected that his study of deadly box jellyfish would end with a trigger event. As the jelly’s venom burned through his system and his muscles started convulsing James lost consciousness.

An unknown amount of time later the Doctor came to. Floating undisturbed in a tank of deadly jellies. Holding his hands up, he found that his body had become like unto a jellyfish. The stings no longer bothered him, and his lungs no longer burned for air… did he still have lungs?

Embracing his new identity as Doctor Jellyfish James left his old life behind. Super strong, durable despite appearing flimsy, with a touch that is deadly and a need to be immersed in water nearly constantly but still with debts and alimony to pay he saw no other way to live than as a villain. Doctor Jellyfish now is well known as a stickup artist and bank robber. A constant thorn in Rain City’s side.

Doctor Jellyfish

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