Jack Orchard

"Malus Domestica" Mover 2, Breaker 1


Updated Character sheet for e7

Jack has the ability to alter the relationship of gravity between himself and the nearest celestial scale gravitational body. (I.e. the earth)

Small scale use of this ability can be done as simply as any other athletic endeavor. Increasing his ability to jump, climb, or even to float takes minimal effort.

Larger scale use however does tax his system, possibly to the point of exhaustion.

  • Emulating enhanced strength by reducing the pull of gravity on a large object or mass of objects.
  • Running/bounding at speeds similar to an Olympic class athlete.
  • Altering gravity multiple times quickly to enhance a melee attack.

These and other effects of a similar power level all require the expenditure of 1 magic point per use for combat type effects or 1 magic point per minute.

He is approximately 6 foot 3 inches, short to bald hair, a beard whenever he is not doing his job in the reserves and found normally in large coats to both to better conceal his identity and conceal objects or weapons. Wearing black BDU pants to carry lots of small goods and spare ammo. He is also carrying a AR pistol for its power to concealment ratio, along with rubber bullets to non-lethally take down people but still take them out.

He also carries a taser for when he grapples people, along with mace to use on pursuing targets.


As a child Jack had an incredible ability to climb despite being so young. By the age of 8 he would climb up trees in a matter of seconds, causing great distress to Mister and Misses Orchard declaring him “not very boring”. Once he became a teenager he joined his school’s gymnastics team, and was once described as “floating about as if gravity had not affected him at all” creating seemingly incredible stunts with ease.

However, one day his mother came to wake him up for school and discovered he was flouting suspended above his bed! Fearing their poor child was possessed they kicked him out of the house.

On his own at the age of 17 he signed up to join the Army, where he became an excellent airborne infantrymen. Fearing that he may be judged or kicked out of the military for his personal 0 gravity ability he kept his talents secret, insuring that he remains safe.

To this day he remains in the Army reserves as a major as a means of a income, however in his spare time he acts as a private investigator and military contractor to fight corruption or supper terrorism. Leaping up the tallest buildings with ease, infiltrating and listening in on conversations with his abilities and equipment! The perfect expressionist, able to fight and hide with ease.

About 1/5th of his income comes from his overt identity as Jack, his main income comes in the form of contracts with the military, when regular soldiers are not enough or cant be used, the people who give him contracts also give him intelligence and data when its more valuable to Malus then cash. This along with being a “supper for hire” for rain city has made him wealthy. However, he does not make it known he is wealthy, as he has a humble home, and invests most of his cash into himself and his career as a crime fighter.

Very few know of his powers, or of who he is, the way he prefers it.

But when asked for a name, he goes by Malus Domestica!

Jack Orchard

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