Hideout/home base

I have no idea where to start with this, so I just made the page for it. Plus, it’s not my character’s shtick/problem so technically I don’t have much say as to the layout of other people’s homes and such.

Typical fallout shelter description
Actual 1960s fallout shelter with pictures.

Converted bomb shelter accessed from a secret sliding wall panel and single stairwell down to a door to the room. Shielded by 3 inches of concrete on all side, including floor and ceiling – for “radiation protection”. Door is BSS-BD Concrete Filled Blast Door a superior multi-purpose blast security door. Made from 100% steel and concrete . All frame and case metal is bent, not cut and welded, to insure superior strength. These are fire, blast, radiation, theft and impact resistant. To protect against nuclear biological and chemical hazards, these are equipped with NBC seals. With compression locks for tight NBC compression seal and extra security against theft.

¼ ” plate steel (all metal bent, not cut and welded, to insure superior strength)
36″ x 72″ opening dimensions
4 hinges
4 inside compression locks (can special order up to 6)
5 ½ ” door leaf
12″ thick door jam
Protected padlock system
100% steel and concrete

[al] I’m really not liking this. Finding a bomb shelter in the city would be a big stroke of luck but finding a bunker of this grade doesn’t sound plausible, and building one with any amount of secrecy in the city impossible. Think more of a cold war bomb shelter that you have upgraded.
[jm] – al, please highlight the specific things you don’t like so we can fix them. I placed a link at the top of the page to a description of a typical fallout shelter as a guide.
[tcb] This would be something we update from an already existing shelter, the door itself is 6k and can be self installed, or professionally.(bomb shelter business has apparently been booming) However if you don’t like it that’s fine I will look for other blast doors with surplus quality’s
[al] The problem is the door. I’m sure you could upgrade stuff but the issue is what can you do without broadcasting what is supposed to be a secret. Moving something in that heavy in a large city is bound to attract notice and that defeats the whole secret base thing.
[al] Nevermind after looking it up the door isn’t as big as I thought it was.

The locking device is two locks, one digital the other a manual lock. The digital one must be used prior to the manual one otherwise it will lock out for 10 hours even with the proper code. The digital one is a pad with 0-9 numbers along with # *. The manual lock is a key hole with a Combination lock, the combination lock won’t move without the key.

If and when the manual lock is done before the digital lock, a text message will be sent to each party member of this occurring and that lock-down is in effect. It will also have live video feed that is recorded of whoever is doing this. Along with this, a encrypted message of the party members phones location will be sent.

[tcb] Look good Jim? Bold is what I did + the details
[al] Just some thoughts. Lockdown should have internal override on an independent non-network system. Back-up power generation is through cabling that Feedback can access to personally charge batteries (I have discussed this with joel.) Also details about the ventilation system need to be added, such as security measures on vents, occupancy for open ventilation, and hours of occupancy for closed recirculation. Jim should add some details for the internal network security.

No access to external power sources; powered solely by solar grids connected to batteries. Internet access secured by internal proxy anonymizers that hook into TOR servers to double-triple-encrypted browser traffic.

Hidden surveillance cameras that direct-feed via encrypted radio signal to a monitoring device in the van. Remote management control interfaces to power-down equipment and lock the self-encrypted storage drives.

Hideout/home base

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