Characters use the “Present” character sheet.

A slight tweak to the CoC skills rules from the Basic Roleplaying rules set by Chaosium:

Three difficulty levels of skill checks:

  1. Easy = check against skill x 2
    simple tasks that still have a chance for horrible failures. (Speeding during rush hour in the rain on your motorcycle.)
  2. Normal = check against skill
    dangerous tasks that require training or luck to pull off. (Engaging in a high speed pursuit with evasion and pit maneuvers.)
  3. Hard = check against 1/2 skill (rounded up)
    the nearly impossible things you just want to try against better judgement. (Engaging in a high speed gun battle while trying to steer your motorcycle through rush hour in the rain.)

Special successes: Rolling below 1/5 of a skill (rounded up) grants an enhanced result, like an impale in combat.

Fumbles: Rolling 00 is a catastrophic failure with extra consequences.

Skill contests:

When putting two skills against each other both characters roll and check for success as normal then compare results.

  • Failure/Failure: No one looks good here.
  • Success/Failure: Someone gets his way.
  • Success/Success: Whoever succeed by the widest margin wins. Ties are broken by the highest skill percentage.
  • Special success/Special success: Cancel each other out make the result the same as if both had failed the roll.
  • Special success/Success: The special success becomes a success and the regular success a failure.
  • Special success/Failure: One character truly shines with a special success.

Many things are given to be common knowledge, or learned in the public school systems, in the modern world. Skills such as Computer Use, Drive: Automobile, and a lot of the basics of the science and math skills use skill checks only to cover extraordinary circumstances. Common actions like; driving normally on the freeway, accessing the internet to look something up, or figuring out how much of a tip to pay at a restaurant; do not require skill checks and/or would be covered by the characters Know stat.

Skills to be altered

Library Use: Becomes Research, the ability to find information using the various resources available in the modern setting. (Library, Internet, Newspapers, Magazines and other publications)
Psychology:Provides the means for sanity recovery through talk therapy. This skill continues to provide insight into the motivations and likely actions of people.

Skills added to skill list

Power Use: The training and ability of the character to use all aspects of any super powers they have. A tinker’s ability to create new high tech devices, or a blasters ability to hit a target with their power would be governed by this skill. This skill starts at (superpowered based stat) X2.
Research: See Library Use above.

Skills removed from the skill list

Cthulhu Mythos: As this is not a standard CoC game this skill would have no use and is removed from the game.
Occult: Again as this is not a standard CoC game this skill would have no use. Knowledge of Supers and various powers of Supers would be covered by Education or Knowledge.
Psychoanalysis:The sanity restoring function of this skill has been moved to the Psychology skill. Psychoanalysis is a outdated and rarely used form of psychotherapy.

h2. Archive – Old Notes

[jm] – Psychoanalysis – don’t think we need this, since no one is going crazy. But, maybe we need something related to calming/subduing superpowers running amok.
[andy] – This seems to be covered by just moving some of the effects into the psychology skill. That is where psychoanalysis moved to as it’s more outrageous principles were supplanted by better science in psychology.


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